Hotel Motel Occupancy Tax

Chemung County law requires every operator of a hotel, motel, or other property that is regularly used and kept open for the lodging of guests to register their boarding property with the Chemung County Treasurer. To comply with the law, an operator must register to collect, report, and remit occupancy tax. The occupancy tax rate in Chemung County is 4% on taxable room rentals.

To register, please complete the Certificate of the Registration form

A Certificate of Authority to collect occupancy tax will then be issued, along with additional instructions on collecting, reporting, and remitting occupancy tax to the Chemung County Treasurer.


  • Certificate of Registration  - If you are an operator and not yet registered to collect occupancy tax, a Certificate of Registration must be filled out and sent to Chemung County Treasurer.
  • Occupancy Tax Return (PDF) - Required to be filed quarterly with occupancy tax to the Chemung County Treasurer.

For Occupancy Tax questions, please call the Treasurer's Office at 607-737-2957