About Us

Our History

In 1933, The Board of Supervisors of Chemung County established the Chemung County Veterans Service Office to provide knowledgeable advocates to assist veterans to obtain their benefits. The Chemung County Veterans Service Office is now the Chemung County Department of Veterans Affairs.

For more than 70 years, our office has served the needs of the veterans of Chemung County, and veterans from neighboring counties who conduct business or work in the county, in a confidential, compassionate and dedicated manner. Our benefits counselors advocate vigorously for the benefits of those who request assistance.

Our Mission

The Chemung County Department of Veterans' Affairs mission is:

  • To inform veterans, their dependents and surviving spouses, active and reserve service members, and their dependents about the many federal, state, local, and foreign benefits that they might be eligible for, and
  • To assist them in applying for and obtaining those benefits.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the individuals we serve receive the maximum benefits for which they are eligible from any federal, state, local or foreign governments.

Our Philosophy

Service to the veteran community of Chemung County is the heart of our philosophy. We believe that the benefits we help others obtain have been earned through the patriotic service that veterans performed in defense of our rights and freedoms. We feel that the most important person in our office is the person we are serving. The people we serve do not interrupt our work. They are the purpose of our work. They are not asking favors. They have vital problems and are seeking assistance or information, and only by rendering this service efficiently and politely is our job justified. As a Human Services Agency of the Chemung County Government, there are no charges for the services we provide.