Wind Power

Of the renewable energy sources employed, none come close to the amount of installed capacity of wind power worldwide. As a testament to this, New York State has recently passed legislation requiring that 20% of the electricity generated in New York State be from wind power by 2020. Developers and landowners alike have become aware of this fact and have begun to look at their own involvement in this sustainable form of power.

The information that follows gives some of the basics of wind power including what types of turbines are present, and what areas are best for wind. Most of the information is pertaining to small-scale wind or wind turbines below 100 KW capacity, but also includes information for landowners to use if they are approached by a Developer. Also contained is information that is pertinent for those interested in putting up their own turbines, including the clarification of some of the misconceptions about wind power.

Wind power is an effective and sustainable source of electricity that will continue to increase in prevalence and installed capacity worldwide as we transition into a low carbon future.