Title VI

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) requires Chemung County to use nondiscriminatory practices in all of its services, programs, and activities.

If you believe you or others:

  • Have been discriminated against due to race, color, or national origin
  • Have been excluded from participation in or denied the benefits
  • Have been subject to discrimination under any Chemung County service, program, or activity

You have the right to register a Title VI or ADA complaint by writing to:

Response Time

Chemung County, through its Personnel Department Title VI Coordinator, will respond in writing to the person filing a Title VI complaint within 5 business days. If Chemung County’s investigation determines that the complaint is determined to involve discrimination covered by Title VI, within twenty working days a report on the complaint will be completed and mailed to the complainant. The report will document the violation, the actions that will be taken to comply with the provisions of Title VI, and the County’s appeal procedure.

Also, you have the right to file your Title VI complaint directly with NYSDOT within 180 days of the alleged event. Contact NYSDOT Civil Rights Officer:
50 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12232