Medical Services

The facility has a full-time Medical Director along with a part-time Physician's Assistant who provide primary care coverage of all residents 24/7. Each resident is seen by the doctor or PA at least once a month, and one of them visits the facility daily. They are readily available to meet with family members to discuss the resident's condition and plan of care.

Medical Staff

The facility's Medical Staff also consists of Psychiatrists, Optometrist, Podiatrists and Dentist who provide services weekly as needed. In addition, consultations with medical specialists like orthopedics, oncology, dermatology and pulmonology are routinely scheduled with the facility providing transportation to the consultant's office.

Ill Residents

Laboratory specimens are taken daily to a local lab that gets results back quickly, and routine x-rays are taken in the facility by a mobile radiology unit. If a resident becomes acutely ill or needs IV therapy, dialysis, surgery or other specialty procedures, the facility will transport the resident to a local hospital, and the resident's bed may be reserved if return is expected in a few days.


The facility also operates a fully licensed in-house pharmacy.