Chemung County Land Bank

Chemung County Land BankThe Chemung County Property Development Corporation (CCPDC), also known as the Chemung County Land Bank, is pleased to announce work is underway to rehabilitate and demolish blighted properties in the City of Elmira.

Land Bank's Goal

The Land Bank's goal is to rehab and sell approximately 10 vacant and foreclosed properties and demolish approximately eight vacant and foreclosed properties. Currently, plans are underway to rehabilitate properties at 458 Tompkins Street and 628 Newtown Street and demolish the properties at 375 Clinton Street and 313 W Gray Street


The driving mission of the not-for-profit corporation is to acquire and return vacant, abandoned, and/or tax-delinquent properties within the City of Elmira and Chemung County to uses that support community revitalization and help sustain economic development. Arbor Housing and Development is administering the program. Arbor is responsible for conducting environmental reviews; writing specs for rehabbed properties, sending construction work out to bid, and monitoring the progress of each property.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved and help the County and City in addressing the blight issue in the City of Elmira. We are hopeful to address these issues and eventually make a larger impact in the community," says the Director of Real Estate Development at Arbor Housing, Rocco Soda.

Downtown Revitalization

Along with receiving Land Bank Funding, in 2016 the City of Elmira received $10 million dollars in downtown revitalization funds with a portion of these funds designated towards neighborhood revitalization. In 2017, the City was awarded an additional $325,000 from the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI). ESPRI, partnered with the Land Bank to identify multifamily units within census tracts 6, 7, and 10 so that the multifamily structures that are currently deteriorating within the City could be restored and provide safe, affordable, energy-efficient housing to those most in need.

Reshape & Revitalize

The overall mission is to reshape neighborhoods surrounding downtown and encourage others to revitalize their own properties, improving the area's overall housing stock. "Our goal is to make these rehabbed properties affordable to people who may not be able to own a home otherwise. When a person owns a home, rather than rents, they tend to have a greater sense of pride in ownership and keep the property in good condition. Although Elmira is an early-stage target area, this program will be available to address issues throughout the entire County," says Chairman Tom Sweet.

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