The Chemung County Probation Department is a criminal justice agency that strives to rehabilitate juveniles and adult offenders who have been sentenced to probation. The Department provides intake services for alleged Juvenile Delinquents and prepares investigations for criminal and family courts. The Department is designated to collect and disperse restitution for crime victims.


The Chemung County Probation Department recognizes the importance of sustained employment for individuals under community supervision. Employment provides individuals a means to self-sufficiency and the ability to support their families, as well as the capacity to structure their time in positive ways. Probation also understands the needs of area employers and their ability to ask questions of Probation Officers about work schedules and other work environment issues. Accordingly, the Chemung County Probation Department has designated a single point of contact or Probation Employment Liaison officer to communicate with area employers.

Helpful Resources

Please feel free to contact Probation Supervisor Brian Dupont at 607-737-2800 if you are an area employer who has any general questions about probation conditions relating to employment, employment opportunities for individuals on probation, or if you have any other employment related questions or concerns.