Resources for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Suggested Reading for Children

  • Freeman, L. (1982) It's My Body.
  • Girard, L.W. (1984) My Body is Private.
  • Hammerseng, K. (1995) Telling Isn't Tattling.
  • Hansen, D. (2007) Those are MY Private Parts
  • Hindman, J. (1992) A Very Touching Book
  • Ottenweller, J (1991) Please Tell! A Child's Story about Sexual Abuse
  • Satullo, J. A.W. (1987) It Happens to Boys, Too.
  • Spelman, C. (1997) Your Body Belongs To You.

Suggested Reading for Adolescents

  • Carter, W (2002) It Happened to Me
  • Harris, R.H. (1996) It's Perfectly Normal
  • Mather, C.L. (1994) How Long Does it Hurt?
  • Pledge, D. (2003) When Something Feels Wrong: A survival guide about abuse for young people
  • Watcher, O. (2002) No More Secrets (suggested for ages 9-12)

Suggested Reading for Parents

  • Adams, C. (1992) Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse
  • Brohl, K. (2004) When Your Child Has Been Molested: A Parents Guide to Healing and Recovery
  • Johnson, K.(1993) Through the Tears: Caring for the Sexually Abused Child
  • Kearney, T.(2001) Caring for Sexually Abused Children
  • NCH Children and Families Project (1993) Creating a Safe Place: Helping Children and Families Recover from Child Sexual Abuse
  • Tobin, Pnina. (2002) Keeping Kids Safe: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Manual