Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services is responsible for investigating reports of abuse and maltreatment made to the State Central Register and to assess and protect children when there is a suspicion of abuse or neglect.

Caseworkers provide services to families to assess and increase the safety of the children in the home and to reduce the risk of future abuse and maltreatment. Caseworkers also assist the family by monitoring and arranging for necessary rehabilitative services.

The State Central Register is one tool.  However, can we support a family without reporting a family?  Are the challenges the family facing as a result of issues other than child abuse or maltreatment (i.e. poverty-related, access to services issues) and a referral to community based services may be a more appropriate route for this family? If so or if you have questions about preventive referrals, please visit the Preventive Services page  or call 607-737-5417 to speak with a worker.


  • State Central Register (SCR) Hotline: 800-342-3720

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