Mark Margeson

Mark MargesonMark Margeson, Chairman of the Legislature

District 5 (Town of Erin, Horseheads)

85 Talarico Road
Horseheads, NY 14845

Phone: 607-367-0697

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Being born and raised in Horseheads has provided me with a very family-based upbringing. My parents, who set the example for me, were family-oriented, hardworking, and active in the community. Today I am married with two children. I have spent the past 36 years living and raising our family in Horseheads. The community is important to us and my goal is to help develop a future that leaves a strong foundation for my children and grandchildren and generations after. I graduated from Notre Dame High School where I participated in various sports and was elected as senior class president. In addition, I participated in the Big Brother program all while working at St. Joseph's hospital part-time. I graduated from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts with a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation and Psychology as well as playing college football. After graduation, I moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico where I started a career with Hilton International Resorts. I was employed as the Assistant Director of Resort Recreation for the Caribe Hilton. Along with my day-to-day responsibilities, I assisted in the development of an educational program that was used to train Hilton International Managers and staff for several Caribbean Island resorts and hotels. In 1981, three years after leaving home, I returned to Horseheads to assist with family challenges related to the death of my brother. In 1982, I entered the insurance industry joining a local firm as a licensed broker. I sold Property/Casualty, Health/Life and developed a career in the commercial insurance arena. In 2003, I started my own independent insurance agency in Horseheads. The agency focused on Corporate Aviation as its main source of enterprise which allowed me to develop business in many states outside of New York. Becoming a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) provided tremendous opportunities, associations, and licensing initiatives outside of our community. For a period of two years, 2014 to 2016, I was named President of Airborne, Inc. an aviation management company that operated and maintained a fleet of corporate aircraft at the Elmira Corning Regional Airport. Along with the position at Airborne, Inc. I still maintained my position at the insurance agency. Throughout my entire career, I have volunteered in the community as my parents did during my childhood. Since 1982, I have worked and volunteered to help in areas of importance that improved our community. I have been an active member of several community boards, i.e. YMCA, Senior Center, Family Services, Able II, Red Cross, Elmira Rotary Club, United Way, the Horseheads Youth Bureau, and many others. Horseheads has always been home for me and I will continue to live and work here to provide my expertise to the community in areas where I best fit.