Ignition Interlock Device Monitoring

Overview & Instructions

With the passage of Chapter 496 of the Laws of 2009, commonly referred to as Leandra's Law, New York State implemented mandatory ignition interlock laws. An essential component of this law requires monitoring of all defendants subject to ignition interlock devices as a result of sentencing on and after August 15, 2010, involving a DWI misdemeanor or felony offense.

Recording Devices

Ignition interlock devices are equipped with recording devices that capture the number of times the automobile was started or attempted to be started, the operator's BAC at the time an attempt was made to start the car, and the duration the automobile was driven during the monitoring period.

Operating a Vehicle

IID restrictions apply to all vehicles you own or operate to include motorcycles. You may not own or operate a vehicle without an IID installed on the vehicle. Own or operate is defined as vehicles that are registered or titled in your name.


Local Installers

View a complete list of Manufacturers and local Vendors, and select the Manufacturers/Vendors tab. For information about Fees and Classes of devices, select the Ignition Interlock tab.

IID De-Installation & License Restriction Removal Requests

  • All defendants who receive a conditional discharge for a DWI offense are subject to IID restrictions and ordered to have the restriction for 12 months. Your monitor is the only agency authorized to provide you with the required de-installation and restriction removal forms. You should not contact the Sentencing Court directly to request removal forms.
  • If you have completed the 12 monthly conditional discharge period, regardless of if you installed an IID in your vehicle or not, you must contact the STOP-DWI Program to request a Satisfaction of Sentence Notification in order to have the device removed from your vehicle and/or to have the restriction removed from your license. It is your responsibility to provide the required notification to the DMV.
  • In some cases, defendants may request to have the IID de-installed and the IID license restriction removed earlier than the 12 months ordered by the Court. If you have installed an IID and successfully maintained the device for 6 months, you may request that the STOP-DWI Program petition the Sentencing Court to approve early de-installation of the device. If the monitor makes the recommendation to the Court and it is approved, you will be notified of the early removal approval.

I.I.D. De-Installation / Restriction Removal Request Form