Rain Barrel Program

Why Use a Rain Barrel

Stormwater runoff is considered one of the main sources of water pollution (PDF) nation-wide. Did you know a 1,000 square foot roof can produce 600 gallons of water with a 1-inch rain event? Roof runoff is a key contributor to the stormwater runoff problem; while we can't shrink the size of our roof, we can collect the water and reduce the runoff problem. 

Rain water collected in rain barrels (PDF) can be used to wash cars, siding, lawn furniture and to water gardens. Chemung County Stormwater Coalition promotes the collection of rain water. 

Current Citizens with Rain Barrels

Chemung County needs your help. If you are collecting rain water from roof runoff, please join our program and send in your data by using the data sheet (PDF) or send us an email with the number of barrels you have, and how much water, approximately, you collect each time it rains. Photos would be greatly appreciated and tell me how you are using the water.

In the month of June, residents reported collecting 1,212 gallons of water. The collected rain water was used to water gardens, wash lawn furniture and fill up the dog's swimming pool!