Stormwater Management Plan


The mission of the Coalition is to protect and improve water quality and natural resources in Chemung County with the involvement of citizens and agencies through planning, education, coordination, funding, project implementation and advocating for our water resources through a Stormwater Management Program.


The Coalition will facilitate education about stormwater issues and implementation of water quality and quantity projects within Chemung County. The Coalition will focus on projects that most effectively reduce nonpoint source pollution through Stormwater Management within Chemung County. Projects will address Stormwater issues relevant to water quality, natural ecosystems and the quality of life. There are six objectives to accomplish this goal:

  • Develop a networking organization that can provide services and focus efforts where most beneficial. The Coalition should address local, state and federal nonpoint-source pollution issues, with the ultimate decisions and control being at the local level. Developing expertise, infrastructure and increased funding at the local level are of paramount importance. The Coalition will provide the vehicle for crossing town, county and state lines for stormwater control initiatives.
  • Provide information to Chemung County residents to help them understand nonpoint-source pollution issues specific to the watershed and make informed decisions on Stormwater Management.
  • Develop comprehensive information base that will be owned at the local level and used to assess needs in the County. This information will be used to understand and address water quality and quantity problems and erosion and sediment control issues on a watershed basis through Stormwater Management activities.
  • Develop water quality/quantity projects that cross town and county borders and to support other projects initiated at the local level.
  • Support economically viable Stormwater Management as the true basis for environmentally sound development.
  • Facilitate the implementation of projects by identifying and seeking local, state and federal resources that target regional perspectives and using available funding, in-kind work and other avenues to leverage dollars that may not be otherwise available.

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