Eat Well Live Well Program

Eat Well Live Well Program is offered at several locations throughout the county.   This program provides a hot nutritious meal and an opportunity for participants to socialize.   Any person age 60 or older and the spouse of such person is eligible to participate in any Eat Well Live Well Program site.   Individuals with disabilities under the age of 60 who reside in the housing facilities of at which Eat Well Live Well services are provided may also be served.   Additional circumstances that individuals under 60 may participate include:  a.) persons with disabilities who reside at home with the eligible older individual may also be offered a meal; b.) persons who provide volunteer services at one of the Eat Well Live Well programs during meal hours may be offered a meal on the same basis as meals provided to eligible participants and c.) guests of the eligible persons who are being served.   There is no cost to for the eligible participant.  However, a contribution of $3 per meal is suggested to help maintain services.  No eligible person is denied a meal for the inability or unwillingness to contribute toward the meal.   Guests under 60 may participate by paying the full cost of the meal.   For more information or to RSVP, please call us at least one day in advance at 737-5520.


EWLW Locationseat well

George Bragg Towers:   Monday thru Friday

Edward Flannery Apartments:    Monday thru Friday

Park Terrace Apartments:   Monday thru Friday

Villa Serene Apartments:   Wednesday and Friday

Big Flats Community Center:    Wednesday

**Big Flats will be closed Wednesday, December 27th**