Single Point of Entry (SPOE) and SPOA

SPOE provides timely access to intensive community-based Care Management, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), and/or Housing services and supports for adults with severe mental illness. Care Management, ACT, and/or Housing services are intended for individuals who are at high risk of further system penetration, who are unable to maintain community-based linkages and important supports, such as; Psychiatric treatment and medication management, Medical treatment, community supports.

SPOA was implemented to expand each county's existing community-based mental health system, and make it a more collaborative system. The Children's SPOA is established under the Local Government Unit (LGU) to ensure appropriate access to services, prioritize based on need, and to ensure accountability between systems and providers. The SPOA applications are reviewed by the SPOA committee to determine the most appropriate services available to the individual. It can also be the liaison to necessary referrals to outside community agencies.


Fire & Youth Resource Exchange (FYRE) Program

The FYRE program provides assessment and education in the area of juvenile fire-setting and fire safety. The FYRE program also assists families in making referrals to community agencies where needed.

FYRE Program Brochure (PDF)

FYRE Program Referral