Board of Health

Chemung County Board of Health

The Chemung County Board of Health (CCBH) is a group of local professionals that have been appointed by the Chemung County Legislature to serve the County by providing direction to the staff of the Chemung County Health Department.  Bylaws have been established and are revised each year.  Click here to view a copy of the Chemung County Board of Health Bylaws.

The CCBH meets six times per year for regular meetings at 6:00 PM in the Gridley Health Center Conference Room.  Although these meetings are open to the public, they do not typically provide for a public forum.  If there is a particular topic that you would like to address with the CCBH, you should contact the Public Health Director, Peter Buzzetti, at least 10 days prior to the meeting to arrange for inclusion on the CCBH agenda.

An agenda for each meeting is prepared in advance of the meeting and will be posted on this site  as it is available.  Minutes of the meetings are presented to the CCBH for approval at the following meeting.  Meeting minutes will be posted on this site as soon as they have been prepared, but they do not become official (and thus are considered "draft") until they have been approved by the CCBH. 

Effective February 2012, revisions were made to the Public Officers Law requiring that records that will be reviewed at a public meeting must be made available to the public at or in advance of the meeting.  To the extent practicable, those records will be posted on this website in advance of a meeting as soon as they are available.  You can access them below.  However, those documents may be deleted from the website at some point after the meeting when new documents are uploaded in preparation for the next meeting.

Click the links below for information on each particular meeting.  Previous years agendas and minutes can be found here.

Occasionally there are special meetings called by the Board President to address specific issues or regular meetings scheduled for a different date due to another schedule conflict.

Chemung County Board of Health Schedule (NOTE:  Only 6 regular meetings scheduled per year) 

January 23, 2024AgendaMinutes






Below are the supporting documents that will be reviewed at the next Board meeting 

- 1/23/2024 BOH Agenda                                                                                       

- BOH Meeting Minutes 12/5/2023

- CHHA-QAO Performance Report 2022-2023

- CHHH Feedback Dec. 2023

- Covid Update for Chemung County Board of Health 1/23/2024

- Director's Report 1/23/2024

- EHS 12/13/2023 Hearing BigDog Mobile

- EHS 12/13/2023 Hearing WestenFoodMart

- EHS Complaints Dec 23

- EHS Complaints Nov 23

- EHS Hilites Dec. 23

- EHS Hilites Nov, 23

- EHS Stevens, Matthew R3

- EHS Stevens, Matthews RE Hearing Officer

- NB Nistico DO, Justin CO County of Chemung

- NB By Laws Medical Staff HD Rev 4-24-17

- NB Nistico DO, Justin CV

- NB Nistico DO, Justin Diploma Certifications 

- NB Nistico DO, Justin License

- NB Nistico, Justin Profile

- NB President Vice President   

- OB BOH Bylaws 2024- DRAFT                                                                                                     

Chemung County Board of Health Members

- William G. Howard, MD

- Ken Sobel, MD

- Brian Cassetta, MD (President through 12/31/23)

- Mary Ann Baker, RN

- Scott Drake, Legislator

- James Gensel, PE

- Gregory Schultz, MD

- Mari Delaney, DVM

- Rosemary Anthony, RN (Vice President through 12/31/23)

- Frank Steed, Pharmacist