For more information on the programs listed below please see the menu to the left of this page. 

ATUPA (Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act)  - New York State has established regulations that prohibit the sale of tobacco to minors.

Bed Bugs - Bed bugs are not a public health threat but can certainly be a nuisance. We have compiled some helpful information and links regarding bed bugs.

Campgrounds - This Department has responsibility for regulating these facilities in Chemung County.

Children's Camps - Overnight and day camp operations are regulated under Subpart 7-2 of the State Sanitary Code.

Clean Indoor Air Act - This is the law passed by New York State to regulate smoking in public places.

Drinking Water - This program covers public water systems and private water supplies. Federal and State requirements are enforced regarding public water systems. Guidance is provided to private well owners related to the quality of their drinking water. 

Food Service Establishments - As a general rule, a permit will be needed anytime food is being provided to the public. State regulations dictate the requirements that each food service establishment must follow. This Department enforces those regulations in Chemung County.

Hotels & Motels - These facilities must follow some minimal requirements as directed by State regulations.

Indoor Air Pollutants - 

Lead Poisoning Prevention - EHS conducts environmental site assessments at locations where children residents have been identified as having elevated blood lead levels.

LYME Disease - Lyme Disease has been found in Chemung County.

Mass Gatherings - Large accumulations of people can present problems if not planned accordingly.

Mobile Home Parks - Mobile home parks with five or more lots must have a permit issued by this Department. EHS conducts annual inspections and responds to complaints.

Nuisances - Generally speaking, many nuisances can be addressed by the local code enforcement officer. On some occasions, when the local code officer is not available, EHS can respond to a nuisance complaint. Also, if a condition exists that is a public health hazard, EHS should be notified.

Rabies - The NYS Commissioner of Health has declared a rabies alert for Chemung County due to the presence of the rabies virus in wild animals.

Radon - Tests have shown that radon is prevalent in Chemung County. Exposure to radon can lead to an increased chance of getting lung cancer. The only way to know for sure if you have radon in your home is by testing.

Realty Subdivisions - The NYS Realty Subdivision Law applies to the subdivision of a tract of land into five or more parcels of 5 acres or less within any consecutive 3-year period.

Sewage Treatment - This Department regulates the construction of sewage treatment systems when not under a permit from the State.

Swimming Pools & Bathing Beaches - These recreational areas open to the public are regulated by this Department. Private backyard pools for use by the owner and their family are exempt from these requirements.

Tanning Facilities - New York State began regulating tanning facilities.

Tattooing & Body Piercing - These two activities are not currently regulated in NYS.

Tick-borne Diseases - Educational literature about the various diseases that can be transmitted via a tick. Identification of tick species is available through this Department.

West Nile Virus - The West Nile Virus was first discovered in NYS in 1999. Since then, a concerted effort has been made to study the disease, track its presence, and educate the public on how the disease can be prevented.