Behind the Politics with County Executive Chris Moss

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Chris Moss, Chemung County Executive, discusses local and state issues important to you.

Season 1

Episode 11 - 2023 Chemung County Fair

Episode 10 - 2023 Chemung County Sewer District Milton Street Plant

Episode 9 - 2023 Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Episode 8 - 2023 Chemung County Senior Games

Episode 7 - Chemung County Gold Medal Athlete Week
Episode 7 - Link
Chemung County Gold Medal Week Proclamation

Episode 6 - Chemung County Human Relations Commission

Episode 5 - The Consolidated Chemung County Sewer District Project
Episode 5 - Link
Chemung County's Sewer District Project Updates 

Episode 4 - 2022 Public Works Projects
Episode 4 - Link
Chemung County's Road Work Projects - Live

Episode 3 - Chemung County's ARP Funding

Episode 3 - Supporting Documents
Chemung County Executives ARP Presentation
Chemung County Executives Route Slip for ARP Plan
Chemung County Legislature Ideas for ARP Funding
Chemung County Legislature 2022 Budget Amendments

Episode 2 - County EMO & 911 Center Accreditation 
Episode 2 - Supporting Documents
Star Gazette Article - Chemung County Redistricting Diversity Debate or Political Posturing
Press Release - NYS Governors Recognition of Countys EMO Accreditation
EMO Accreditation Ceremony - 1
EMO Accreditation Ceremony - 2
Letter - 911 Center Accreditation

Emails - M. Chalks Response to M. Smiths NYS call
Emails - D. Manchester and C. Moss Exchange about M. Smith's NYS Call
EMO Reorganization Letter - To D. Manchester from County Attorney

Email - Reorganization and Title Changes for EMO
Fire Coordinator Part-Time-Job Description
E-911 Coordinator Part-time- Job Description

Episode 1 - County Redistricting
Episode 1 - Supporting Documents
Letter - Redistricting from Chris Moss to Legislature
Email - Legislative District Review Driven by the 2020 Census

1. Letter to the Chairman About Mike Smiths Actions
2. Letter from Chairman to Chris Moss about Mike Smith
3. Letter Response from Chris Moss to Chairman

1. Memo - To M. Smith About Insurance Buyout
2. 2021 Health Insurance Declination Buyout - M. Smith

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