Drinking Water

Drinking Water Program

Chemung County has an extensive drinking water program.  First is the regulation of all Public Water Supplies.  This includes Community Water Systems, Non-Transient Non-Community Water Systems, and Non-Community Water Systems.  We also work with Non-Public Water Systems to provide guidance and support.

Public Water Supplies

This page is intended to assist both the consumer of public water as well as those responsible for operating Public Water Supplies (PWS's).

The regulation governing Public Water Systems is found in Subpart 5-1 of the NYS Sanitary Code. 

 The New York Department of Health (NYSDOH) standards for the construction of wells serving public water systems is Appendix 5-D: Special Requirements for Wells serving Public Water Systems.

The form that is to completed and included with engineered plans for public water system improvements (including watermain extensions) is DOH-348. 

PWS's are required to keep daily records of the operation of their water system.  This is done on a form called the Water System Operation Report.  

The NYSDOH has a lot of resources available for Public Water Supplies and the general public.  Rather than duplicate that information here, we will simply provide you with links to important pages of the NYSDOH website. Click on the appropriate link below to go to the State's webpage covering that topic:


NYSDOH Cross Connection Control Program 

List of local backflow prevention device testers

Water Operator Certification Program

NYSDOH Public Water Supply Form


Private Water Supplies

Over 80% of the County's population is served by public water.  This still leaves a large number of people served by private water supplies.

EHS provides guidance and technical support on matters relating to private water supplies.  We can troubleshoot problems you are experiencing with your water supply. 


There are times when it is advised that you disinfect your well.  EHS has created a Fact sheet to assist you with this process. It is the second page of a two-page document.  The first page is the procedure for sampling your water.  The second page is the disinfection procedure.   


 The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has created several fact sheets to assist you with issues related to individual water supply wells.   


NYSDOH has also developed standards for private water wells.  "Appendix 5-B: Standards For Water Wells"

Guidance on how you can go about getting your water well tested can be found by clicking HERE.

The New York State Department of Health has developed a website with information on their DRINKING WATER PROTECTION PROGRAM.