Mass Gatherings

Mass Gatherings & Temporary Residences

A MASS GATHERING is defined as a gathering that is likely to attract 5,000 people or more and continue for 24 hours or more but shall not include a temporary residence under permit.

A GATHERING OF LESS THAN 5,000 PEOPLE may not be considered a Mass Gathering, but certain requirements will still have to be met.  Article IX, Section 2 of the Chemung County Sanitary Code says that "adequate facilities shall be provided for gatherings of people whenever the Director determines them necessary to prevent nuisances which may affect health.  The Director may require any person using a property for a GATHERING of people to provide temporary toilet facilities, hand washing facilities and potable water supply taps, in numbers not exceeding those required for Mass Gatherings by the State Sanitary Code." For example, there shall be sufficient toilet facilities provided at a rate of no more than 100 persons per toilet seat and 750 persons per handwashing facility.  An approved source of potable water shall be provided at a rate of one pint of potable water per person per hour with at least one tap and one drinking fountain provided per 1,000 persons.  Other requirements may apply, so if you are planning a GATHERING OF LESS THAN 5,000 PEOPLE, contact the health department well in advance of your gathering.

A TEMPORARY RESIDENCE is a property consisting of a tract of land and any tents, vehicles, buildings, rooms, camping sites or other structures and installations, temporary or permanent which are maintained primarily for overnight occupancy by people, with or without a stipulated agreement as to the duration of their stay, who are provided at least some part or portion of the use of the property's facilities with the consent or implied permission of the owner, operator, or lessee thereof. This includes HOTELS and MOTELS.

NOTE:  Subparts 7-1 and 7-4 were recently revised effective December 23, 2009.  To download a copy of the new versions of these codes see below:

The regulation governing TEMPORARY RESIDENCES is found in Subpart 7-1 of the NYS Sanitary Code. 

The regulation governing MASS GATHERINGS is found in Subpart 7-4 of the NYS Sanitary Code.