Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is performed on both the Sanitary Sewer System and the Storm Sewer System. This maintenance is intended to ensure continued operation of the systems. Minor inconveniences may occur as a result of any maintenance on the sanitary sewer system.

Flushing of the sewer mains during any scheduled and/or unscheduled maintenance may cause gurgling noises from the drains of any fixtures connected to the system. This is usually an indication of improper venting of the waste piping in the house or structure and in most cases is not a problem.

However, while the Sewer District makes every effort to flush the sewer mains at the lowest possible pressures, improper venting combined with flushing can cause fixtures to be sucked out or blown back into the house or structure. This in effect opens up the traps on the fixture and can allow sewer gases and odors to enter. Should this occur, simply running water into the fixture will reestablish that barrier and allow for normal use to resume.